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 Important Information - Please Read

Please take a moment to read the following, it could save you wasting your time!


We hate spam as much as you do. Please do not upload multiple cards for the same business. Offenders will have their cards removed.

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The size of your business card must be exactly 308 pixels wide by 189 pixels high.

The blank card to the right is the correct size. Save it to your PC and get creative!

Wigan, Wigan, Wigan

Wigan businesses only please. If you are from India, Australia or America please don't waste your time adding your card, it won't make it onto the site. If you have a business or service just outside of Wigan that will benefit Wiganers, that's OK.

Keep it Clean

Use common sense, no links to offensive material and no nudity or swearing on your card.

And finally...

Try to design a nice card. It will be the first impression site visitors will have of your business. If you're not having much joy with designing a card, ask a friend or relative to help.

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